Website Design and Development

004Unlike many website design companies, Oldgoat Marketing do not make use of templates. We create a specific "look and feel" designed for your company using your company's colours and your logo. The design also takes into account the type of industry you are in as well as your target market. The design stage may take a while as we will only develop the website once you are 100% satisfied with the look.

Website development takes into account everything you require for your website. We will register the domain, host the website, design the website, set-up email addresses, add all necessary website functionality... everything you could require on the internet.

If you have had a website for a while and now need to update or change it but can't remember who designed it for you then talk to us. We have a range of skills and, with just your website FTP details (you can get from your website host) we can make the necessary changes for you.
Not only are our costs reasonable but we can also negotiate a small monthly fee for ongoing website maintenence and support if you so choose.

Need your website "fixed"?

So you have had someone come along years ago and design a website. Now he/she is nowhere to be found or is not interested in website anymore. Have no fear, Oldgoat is here. A few queries and we should be able to gather enough information to get into your website and give it a good overall